Group exhibition
:mentalKLINIK . Rina Ralay-Ranaivo . Temandrota 

A proposal by Joël Andrianomearisoa 

Hakanto Contemporary 

Exposition from 27 February to 4 September 2021

Beyond all you are mine.

A joyful affirmation in a time where the future remains uncertain. The end seems far away! And what will tomorrow be?
A declaration of life at a time when we lack breath. How to breathe? With whom to breathe?
An assurance of strong friendship even when the world today seems helpless. Will we ever dance? A kiss?
A state of love when naive patriotism points its nose too much.

Three artists deliver themselves to affirm that we are still together, inspired and alive.
The breath of time belongs to us and our desires go beyond all horizons.

The first is a Malagasy force. Temandrota.
He manipulates the earth, he kneads the fire, he triturates our hearts to give new resonances.
In his immersive installation Kolondoy, he sketches new territories, new playgrounds to confront us with the questions of tomorrow and our deepest desires.

The second,
from the Bosphorus to the banks of the Ikopa,
the :mentalKLINIK blur the tracks of a game between materiality, luminosity and sentimentality.
Without geography except that of the emotion.
Between the idea of 2, 3 or more … The couple :mentalKLINIK invites us to question the idea of a new love and especially the one we carry on Antananarivo. Another love.

And the third,
Rina Ralay Ranaivo who shares his heart between Antananarivo, Berlin and elsewhere,
invokes in his piece Chapitre I, his fantasies, our ancestors and History along an imaginary river to cross.
Once again, crossing water, crossing time, crossing the other, crossing borders,
to find ourselves and to affirm that beyond everything you are mine.

To make the desire,
the desire to be in the world,
to slip into the caress of the wind,
and let yourself be carried away.

Joël Andrianomearisoa, 2021


A proposal by Joël Andrianomearisoa

“I am nothing.
I will never be anything.
I could not wish to be nothing.
That aside, I hold all the dreams of the world within me.”

Fernando Pessoa 

Here is here. From here, we look out on the world; from here we dream the world too. Let us muse, let us speak of dreams, let us dream – for by dreaming, we can assert a new Madagascan energy through its current creative forms with regard to artists and forms of expression from other places.

There are no prescribed media in the message. The exhibition asserts the polyphony of forms in an exploration of time, with all its illusions and realities.
The menu is not a set one. The menu knows no borders.
Chef Lalaina Ravelomanana sets the tone, offering a fresh take on a popular Madagascan dish to the beat of Kristel’s Nofy rock.

The framework is the game, the diversity, the rule.
A timeless couple from Istanbul, :mentalKLINIK, reinvents a new love, a new game of love, opposite the new words sketched by Môssieur Njo.
With a diversity of lines, the young designer Domi Sanji merges his lands, confronting Alexandre Gourçon’s infinite folds.
Ramily, the half-forgotten father of contemporary Madagascan photography, rediscovers light in his iconic series spanning desert and luxuriant vegetation. Plastic artist Donn sets his work between nightmare and affection, while choreographer Judith Manantenasoa summons up the sweetness of chaos.
All bathed in our wild Madagascan melancholy, with a perpetual literary dialogue between Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo and Elie Rajaonarison.

Improbable encounters that motivate and surprise.
Craft meets song. Photography is dress. Words become canvases. Let us weave literature, light fires, dance architecture, speak of fashion and clothe the present.
Let us embroider cuisine and smell the flowers.
Dreams are my reality, another kind of reality. The dreams of Iarivo. The reveries of the world.
Let us drift away.
Let us dream.

For here in Madagascar, we reach all the dreams of the world.

Joël Andrianomearisoa. January 2019 

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