3 PM TO 7 PM

The artists
Amir Juvara Andrianalitiana (Amir.J)
Joëlle Aresoa (Joey Aresoa)
Aina Jo Harimanjato (Jo Aina)
Richianny Raherinjatovo (Richianny Ratovo)
Mbolatiana Raoilison (Clipse Teean)

Dreams always taste like our Land

Tena manembona izany tsiron’ny tany izany aho*.
Ary tena mamy izany akora vokatry ny tany izany** !
Unifions nos avis autour de la Terre, la Terre mère, la Terre patrie, la Terre terre***.
Prenons le goût comme principe universel pour converser****.
The taste of my land, motherland, our land just like a dream.

We are delighted at Hakanto Contemporary to write a new chapter, a new exhibition
An exhibition on the notion of the patriotic Land, the ecological Earth.
A proposal we built up with the complicity of five artists. They are young but mature in their commitments.
These artists are Amir Juvara Andrianalitiana (Amir.J) . Joëlle Aresoa (Joey Aresoa) . Aina Jo Harimanjato (Jo Aina) . Richianny Raherinjatovo (Richianny Ratovo) . Mbolatiana Raoilison (Clipse Teean)

Patriotic Land, ecological Earth
It’s hard to separate these two notions, so let’s just swing between them. We knead that soil to create the pottery of the future, a soil torn between affection and desolation. A land hesitating in its search for modernity, but surviving in the fragility of the present time. A land that cries out in pain, but does it also sketch the birth of a new day? Yes, one must take care of its (native) land, but how? With which tools? How? Especially when sometimes the world is only an illusion.

Our guest artists are trying to place their gaze and their works in this context of uncertainty. Uncertainty, but deep conviction—the rightness of the Land lies in their hearts—in the intimacy of their soul and their works.

Water from daylight to nightfall
Richianny Raherinjatovo leads us through a delicate, disconcerting labyrinth. She leads us through a world of illusions, from the womb to the fearsome underground of the storm, but there is always light, always hope. Paint scratches the glass and the attitude taunts the moods.

Land when we when belong to you
Joëlle Aresoa invites us into the memory of her native land and into her new imaginary geographies. Her voice brings out the musicality of her emotion, between the hiakan’ny tany***** and her memories…
On a table, she draws the inventory map of her own existence.

Fire party
Inspired by several emotions, Aina Jo Harimanjato is an artist who represents the fire that ignites us in the beating rhythm of his artistic productions.
Videos, sounds, performances, clothes, paintings … the list goes on.
He has decided to move his entire house into the exhibition space to share with us his most intimate vision of patriotism.
The party will never stop in this house … and our land will be a real dancefloor!

Kilalao mainty or the black game
For the first time, Amir Juvara Andrianalitiana presents a new installation in which the darkness covers all the space, but his mood remains cheerful with an ecological hope. The charred wood reveals green light and on the walls his hand draws lines of life. Yes, we’re still alive!

Gone with the wind
Looking for the thing, that’s the motto of Mbolatiana Raoilison’s proposal.
Between the walls, between the earth and the sky—she invites us to feel the elusive wind that blows across the land of all our emotions.
Optical effect or illusion? We are the solution.

Humbly and sincerely, these five artists offer us their visions of the Land.
A playground that remains an enigma but we, for sure, have to take care of it.
With gentleness, with care
With tenderness.

Joël Andrianomearisoa . Rina Ralay-Ranaivo

* I miss the taste of my land.
** The delightful products of the land.
*** Let’s gather our opinions about the Land, Mother Land, Home Land, Earth.
**** Let’s consider the taste as a universal principle when we are talking to each other.
***** The screams of the land.

Hakanto Contemporary
Alhambra Gallery . Level 2
Ankadimbahoaka . Antananarivo