Curated by
Joël Andrianomearisoa . Samuel Ramaholimihaso

3 PM TO 7 PM

As part of Hakanto Contemporary’s new exploration of the theme: Patriotic Land and Ecological Earth, we desired to grant an artist the opportunity to express their emotions and ideas on this matter through images. Thus, we present Mialy Razafintsalama, a photographer with her voice, in a new series titled Sedran’ny tany (The Trials of the Earth), a special commission she crafted along a journey from Antananarivo to Toliara, with the collaboration and support of Filatex Énergie.

Fa iza moa ianao ry Tany? Land who are you?
The first conversation with Mialy Razafintsalama was initially a persuasion exercise to convince her to talk about the land, her land.
Yes, it is always challenging to discuss one’s patriotism and even more complex to converse about ecology in today’s world where every act must be judged, measured, and evaluated.

Mialy Razafintsalama responded with a mischievous approach, eluding prejudices, playing on the concept of land both in her words and, even more so, in her images.
The photographic proposition is arranged around a duality in which she weighs up the pros and cons, the question, and sometimes the solution, yes and no, black and white, but above all the colors of life.
The journey begins in Antananarivo, crosses the road to the south of Madagascar and continues to Toliara. Along the way, she gleans earth that burns, converses with solar panels, and heralds a brighter future.
Mangily’s marine horizon questions the notion of the earth’s limits in confrontation with a thermal power plant.
The cactus, blossoming with hope as it faces the Isalo window to a brighter tomorrow.

The work presented is a throw from the heart to question one’s own senses, but also to summon the other to the question without a solution, perhaps…
Patriotic land and ecological land.

In the middle of these words, we find the line.
Irin’ny tany, sarin’ny tany, fofon’ny tany, feon’ny tany, endrin’ny tany, hiran’ny tany, tsiron’ny tany, sedran’ny tany…
sy ireo tarainan’ny tany rehetra.
The desires of the earth, the images of the earth, the scents of the earth, the voices of the earth, the aspects of the earth, the songs of the earth, the flavors of the earth, the trials of the earth…
and all the cries of the earth.

Let’s not try to understand each photograph, let’s turn the pages and look for the words in the in between.
The in-between times, the in-between airs, the in between lands.

Joël Andrianomearisoa . Samuel Ramaholimihaso

Hakanto Contemporary
Alhambra Gallery . Level 2
Ankadimbahoaka . Antananarivo