The new hand
Ilay tanana vaovao


With the artists
Rose Kely Ranarivelo . Andy Rasoloharivony . Fitiavana Ratovo . Sanka

As the words flying on a blackboard, The new hand is a combination of sketches by four young Malagasy.
Are they artists or not? Will they become artists?
These are the questions raised! The intrigue!
Indeed, here it is not a question of becoming an artist, but rather of revealing their commitment to creation, their desire to project themselves into the forms of the present or tomorrow in the beautiful youth recklessness.

At Hakanto Contemporary today, we are proud to reveal to the public four young artists, emerging figures of the new Malagasy contemporary scene through monumental and new works produced especially for the exhibition.

Rose Kely Ranarivelo, Andy Rasoloharivony, Fitiavana Ratovo and Sanka first participated in workshops organized by Hakanto Contemporary. Meetings that are regularly scheduled to encourage dialogue and exchange between artists from different disciplines. And above all to reveal new energies.

Imagined as spaces for discussion and collective reflection, these meetings have not only helped to identify the four young artists of this exhibition, but also accompanied them in the development of their creativity. At this stage of their career, they are all still in seeking their own process. They continue to explore aesthetic possibilities through and from their own matters to the point of experimenting with other mediums and other forms. The specific mentorship they received in preparation for this exhibition emphasized the importance of maintaining this curiosity in each of their work approaches.

Since the beginning, these young artists are driven by the desire to take new steps in their work. They have a desire to move forward, as well as to find new directions for their work, to enrich it and give it new perspectives. These aspiring artists are looking for a way to get out of their own comfort, out of their rules and out of their solitude. Despite the uncertain context of the future, they are determined to pursue it. The desire to experiment, to express themselves or simply to exist on every gesture, proposal, and material.

Images, metal, terracotta, textiles, or paper … the materials are combined in contrast between confrontation and dialogue. They reflect a form of plurality which finds its genesis in the remarks of the works, all nourished by personal stories and social experiences of each one. This is what makes the charm and the spirit of the first artworks in general, and the quality of the pieces of these young artists in particular, they reveal themselves to the world as self-portraits of their authors. In the specific case of these installations, the strength of each proposal lies in this form of balance and accuracy, because there is no more delicate exercise than talking about oneself and one’s own universe, with the dilemma raised by the formulas and the representations.

Through her family history, Rose Kely Ranarivelo reinterprets through her piece a moment she particularly likes: Tsarasaotra. Through several mediums such as ceramics, wood, painting, the artist restores on a dreamt table the components of this family moment. Drawing on the essences of his dual French-Malagasy culture, the installation resonates with cultural and social references in terms of taste and aesthetics.

To realize his work, Fitiavana Ratovo has adopted a popular technique of construction. This series of sculpted metal sheets installed as gallery portraits, represents the members of a community who share the same vision, the same values and the same future. Iray lalana—which literally means sharing the same path—sounds like a wish for a collective awareness of our society in crisis.

Through the strength of the material and the power of the image, Andy Rasoloharivony invites and engages the viewer to step into a church to experience L’urgence de la foi. In a striking game of contrast, the artist illustrates strong symbols of the christian faith in the middle of a construction site. The natural daylight, which seeps into this mystical and sacred space, brings the experience to its climax.

Sanka takes us into the depth and power of the eyes, the window to the soul. She presents a first work that emphasizes her long experience as a portrait drawer. This piece is composed of a series of original portraits and some sketches along the black entrance of the gallery. Through this installation, the artist recalls her beginnings in drawing.

The new hand, a drawing of the future full of uncertainty, but with the certainty of four young hopes with their desires to do and shape their time.

Joël Andrianomearisoa and Rina Ralay-Ranaivo

Hakanto Contemporary
Alhambra Gallery . Level 2
Ankadimbahoaka . Antananarivo